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Perfect Day to Take a Picture

It was a perfect day to take a picture and I really dig this outfit. I am wearing American Apparel shirts and Vans Shoes and of course my favorite Levi’s Jeans.


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Timothy Michael Gould at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Billionaire Boy’s Club Outfit

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One of my favoriate outfits I took pictures of. I am glad I got to share this one with you all on Lookbook. The hats you can find at the link posted below. #HATSDOTCOM

Billionaire Boy’s Club is a line of clothing by Pharrell Williams and Nigo. 

You can find more about their clothes here:


The jeans are quite comfortable and are a design by Michael Brandon. They are great comfortable wear pants which make them an excellent combination with the clothes I am wearing. 

The shoes are Akademiks, which are a great pair of shoes to wear.

Other items that I am wearing are Ray Ban Sunglasses. #RAYBANUSA #RAYBAN

and Relic Red Bull’s Eye Wrist Watch which can be found at: #RELICWATCH #RELICBRAND 


Been Browsing Joe’s Shirts

So recently I came across this really cool store called Joe’s Shirt Shop,” and let me tell you they have some really really cool clothes to purchase. They also sell hoodies and tank tops beside the many different selections of shirts to choose from and the prices are perfect for the cool clothes they make. Anyone can find a good looking shirt but something about Joe’s Shirts really capture’s the attention of a viewer.

You can get their shirts at the link below.

I wish they had a location in West side or in California as they would definitely be very popular here. Their store is located in New Jersey which you can see the link to their store here.

You can also see other stuff they make at:

If you are one who digs fairies and all fairy art and culture, then be sure to check out the link mentioned just above.

Time to share some clothes!


I recently posted this outfit on lookbook but I also wanted to share this on my wordpress. The shirt is a Plaid-Long Sleeve Buttin Up Shirt. The shirt is made by Beverly Hills Polo Club.

The pants are Lee Dungarees, Levi’s® and are very comfortable to wear.

The shoes are Adidas and make a perfect match for the clothes I am wearing.


Forever 21 for Summer

Today I decided to feature all Forever 21 clothes! Eveything I am wearing here is from forever 21. They have a big selection on summer clothes his year so definitely stop by a store and check out all the cool clothes they have for summer this year.

To start, in this blog I will be featuring a Jean-Michel Basquait tank top. I am not one to usually wear tank tops as I have alway felt they make me look skinny. But good news! This tank too managed to pull me out I my insecurities with my skinny arms and now it made me look, I am feel quite happy to say it… Very handsome! Styling all the summer clothes, the tank with it’s T-Rex dinosaur logo really makes me feel like a teenager in summer.

Also from Forever 21, the next thing people would notice are my shorts. Now just like my shirt, I am not one to really wear a bright colorful pair of swim shorts like these if at all. But once again, Forever 21 has made me comfortable in my skin and wearing them has beema great change!

The final feature of the blog are the shoes. I needed a nice pair of black shoes and low and behold Forever 21 carried an awesome pair of the LA style shoes. They are also quite comfortable to wear and are a great final touch to the entire outfit.

All I can say is thank you Forever 21 for all the wonderful and nice clothes I get I wear and this summer!! It’s going to be a very fun summer!

And to end the blog, here is one more photo. I haven’t climbed a tree in quite a while but Forever 21 brought out the young teen in me!




The Color Gray

This is one of my favorite outfits right now. This picture was taken by one of my friends while we were in an elevator heading out for a drink. Those clothes I am wearing all are gray or have a hint of gray on them, hence the title of the blog. Gray is one of my favorite colors. As boring and uninteresting to some the color maybe, to me it is quite the color to take interest in! Because of it’s neutrality and versatility, gray can function in almost any use for attire. This same outfit I wore for an interview once. I have also worn it for outings like the one I went to after this picture was taken. I have also worn it casually while shopping or doing my regular day to day errands. 
Below is a link to a blog that contines to divulge in the awesome color power of gray.

The clothing I am featuring in this blog are also affordable in price. The button down shirt is designed by Eighty Eight. I can’t seem to locate a designer who makes them which really is a bit frustrating considering how much I enjoy wearing this shirt.

You can find the shirt at Kohl’s, Sears, Ross, and I am sure plenty of other stores carry Eighty Eight Button-down Shirts. 

The pants are designed by Paper Denim & Cloth. Below is there website so you can see all their clothing options and variety of clothes made with denim. 


The pants I have match perfectly with the outfit I have on. Even though they aren’t directly gray in color. Their dark bluish gray tone make it a great choice with the rest of the clothes I am wearing. 

The Arider shoes I am wearing are also nicely priced and can be purchased at many stores like, and The pair I am wearing I got in Downtown Los Angeles in Santee Alley. 

I love the outfit and how all the clothes I am wearing go together. Love Arider, Eighty Eight and PD&C jeans! They all make a great combo! 

Alejando Ingelmo Shoes





These are my newest shoes! I feel like the sexiest guy alive when I wear them. The reason why I bought them was that I was looking for some new clothes for my first official performance in Vegas. My band was invited to perform at Tommy Rockers and I wanted to wear something nice and flashy. I don’t consider myself a fashion buff or a fashionista to say much about what is trending or what is hot, but I remember passing by this store in the Beverly Center which happened to carry some of the coolest shoes I have ever seen. I had a whole outfit lined up and all I needed now was some shoes. I couldn’t find anything for shoes of what I wanted. Everything looked sorta bland and nothing caught my eye so I decided to make the trip to check out the store whose name I know now to be Politix. Below is a link to the store’s website.

In there I saw some of the coolest articles of clothing ever! The price range was a bit steep for my normal spending money but and I was a bit hesitant at first but when I saw these shoes I was captivated! They shined all over of an orangish, redish yellow color from the angle the shoe reflected the light. When I found out they only had one pair that was my size left I had to stop only for a minute to decide that they shoes had to be mine! I needed them in my life!
The designer of the shoe who happens to be the first fashion or clothing designer I ever have blogged about is Alejandro Ingelmo who designs both shoes for women and men. Below is a link to his website where I am already browsing for the next pair of shoes I want.

Thank you Alejandro Ingelmo! These shoes are amazing. I feel like a king wearing them all over LA.

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My Versace Red Leather Jacket

I finally decided to share a picture of me am my Versace jacket. Considering how much it was and how cool and awesome it looks, I don’t wear it as often as I should or could!

The filters I used are from this cool app I recently discovered called “Afterlight.”

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Just Some Random Pictures

Sharing some pictures that I don’t know if I ever had shares them before. I more of less recall the details of most of them so for each one I will try my best to describe where I was and what I was doing.

This one was taken off Santa Monica Blvd. in Easy Hollywood, I believe off of Vermont Ave. I was wearing one of my favorite red hoodies that I have an I believe an American Apparel white shirt. My favorite part about this picture is that the lights behind are both different color. Yeah, the quality isn’t amazing or a picture as it was taken from the front camera of the iPhone but I still like this picture.


This picture was taken in Santee Alley in downtown Los Angeles. It was my first time there and believe it’s where I also bought first Fedora hat that I am wearing from in the picture below. Santee Alley is a great place to find deals on clothes, jeans and accessories.


This picture was taken a few days before Halloween of 2 years ago. I was in a store in North Hollywood killing time and decided to take a picture there.


The Consequences of Having too Much Fun!


I was swinging. I was jumping. I was climbing trees too. And then I fell.

I use this real cool app called “Frametastic” for iPhone that allows me to put several pictures together like the image above. Combined with the meme maker app called “Meme Design,” I can put phrases or sentences in the pictures as well. I haven’t made any recent comic or pictures like this but I’ll have to share them with you.


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