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My Versace Red Leather Jacket

I finally decided to share a picture of me am my Versace jacket. Considering how much it was and how cool and awesome it looks, I don’t wear it as often as I should or could!

The filters I used are from this cool app I recently discovered called “Afterlight.”

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Just Some Random Pictures

Sharing some pictures that I don’t know if I ever had shares them before. I more of less recall the details of most of them so for each one I will try my best to describe where I was and what I was doing.

This one was taken off Santa Monica Blvd. in Easy Hollywood, I believe off of Vermont Ave. I was wearing one of my favorite red hoodies that I have an I believe an American Apparel white shirt. My favorite part about this picture is that the lights behind are both different color. Yeah, the quality isn’t amazing or a picture as it was taken from the front camera of the iPhone but I still like this picture.


This picture was taken in Santee Alley in downtown Los Angeles. It was my first time there and believe it’s where I also bought first Fedora hat that I am wearing from in the picture below. Santee Alley is a great place to find deals on clothes, jeans and accessories.


This picture was taken a few days before Halloween of 2 years ago. I was in a store in North Hollywood killing time and decided to take a picture there.


The Consequences of Having too Much Fun!


I was swinging. I was jumping. I was climbing trees too. And then I fell.

I use this real cool app called “Frametastic” for iPhone that allows me to put several pictures together like the image above. Combined with the meme maker app called “Meme Design,” I can put phrases or sentences in the pictures as well. I haven’t made any recent comic or pictures like this but I’ll have to share them with you.

First Keyboard Pictures

Just some pictures from one of my first photo shoots in Los Angeles. I just recently moved to LA when I had these pictures taken. I just was beginning the big journey of music an composing for the big screen an still had so much to learn about how much hard work it would take to make these big dreams come true!


This is also during the time where I had the opportunity to compose for the first film I made music for the documentary short, the “Scissor-Tailed Flycatcher.”


Performing at the House of Blues

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to perform at the House of Blues with the band I am in. Our lead singer is Morgan Mascorro. We call ourselves “Morgan and the Minx.” I play the piano in out group. Being in a band again has made me feel like I am part of a team again. It’s quite a lot of work to be caring an 88 keyboard around but it’s worth the fun and hot of performing for people. This was our second performance live. I can’t believe we had the opportunity to perform there. It was my first time at the House of Blues and I never knew it was that big! I have only seen it driving by on Sunset Blvd but never realized how many floors it had and how many rooms it had. Can’t wait to perform there again soon!


Me in the Dylan Hotel

Just a picture of me inside the Dylan Hotel. It was conveniently located off of Park Avenue.The cross street was 42nd Street making it very close by to the Grand Central Subway Station and the Pershing Square.




My Crazy Face

I get request for these crazy faces pictures. So for those who have requested. My crazy eyes are here again! :-)

This picture was taken just before boarding my flight to New York City. I don’t even remember what New York was like when I last went so that should let you know just how long it’s been. I believe it has been 20 years! Now that I am 24, visiting will be a whole new experience!


Me Playing the Piano


I love to play piano. It’s a lifeline. A weakness. A love of mine. My pride and downfall. My hope and fear. My driving force and my distraction! Gosh! Playing the piano is everything. Almost! Hahaha! It’s fills me and relieves me in so many ways unknown to most. Not to sound impolite or rude but I can’t a imagine how people can live without being able to play a musical instrument. But that’s prolly cause we who play are really weird people anyways. And to me, weird is unique. Not mainstream. Hey, I’m finally blogging something easy. Yay! Music! Something I don’t have to think really hard about to actually motivate me to write about it either. I don’t know if I am grammatically correct there but with music I couldn’t be more righter! Usually I play what I am currently composing but quite often I fun myself looking back to the classics for their awesome insight. Studying the great works of the past help me develop myself and my creativity. Such composers from the baroque period all the way to the contemporary. Even before the baroque even, but mostly music during the time where the piano was played. By contemporary I don’t exactly mean just what you hear on the radio but also the contemporary program composers. My favorite composition style would definitely be music from the post-romantic era. Not a very specific defined area of music history per se, but definitely an area where composers and music was able to take tonality and spread to an amplified key or just break the rules altogether and make something chaotic or in a unique dissonant way, make something extraordinarily beautiful. Music whether its classical, ethnic, pop, rock, folk, alternative, soundtrack, atonal, or whatever it might be, it all serves a purpose. All the music out there whether its something we can enjoy or not so much serves a unique purpose in a certain time or place. I guess this is my post for appreciating music and my great love for playing the piano. It is something will always be with me!

Picture for Every Blog Entry

It seems that for every blog entry I put that I will have a new picture to accompany it. This picture was taken nearby where I live by James Townsend, a brilliant photographer and director in Los Angeles. You can see more of what he does at
I still am in that “not sure what to post” moment each time I feel the urge or desire to write something so I guess I will just talk about what just occurred to me to post about. Where I spend most of my time in LA. Well, I spend most of my time in Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills is just of one of the places I spend most of my time working. I also frequently work in West LA and travel mainly around “the hills” area. When I am not working I am usually spending my time in Studio City, Sherman Oaks in the valley and Mid City area south Hollywood, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Culver City, Westwood and Brentwood. Every so often I’ll make a trip to Koreatown, Downtown LA, maybe Silverlake or Los Feliz area as well but for the most part I stick around “the hills.” So that’s it for now. It’s been a long long day and I just retire to bed. Night night my blog readers.



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